don lennon's nick and mary

“And evermore in the world is this marvelous balance of beauty
and disgust, magnificence and rats.”
                                                                  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Disc 1

1. All Good 2. You Have to Live Somewhere 3. Songs 4. Months
5. Itís a Crunch Gym 6. The Third Place 7. Rats! 8. Everything You Need 9. Naked in Public 10.Guess Who I Met in Union Square
11. The Night I Changed My Name to Richie Rich

Disc 2
1. Traveling 2. You See Yourself in Five Years 3. Three More Songs
a Night 4. Report 5. Seven-Month Performance Piece 6. Moon-Shy
7. Bedbugs 8. Tseng Kwong Chiís ďPuck Ball (The Gangís All Here)Ē
9. Bandshell 10. Kids at Pearl River Mart 11. Twelve Most Common Dreams 12. Ten Doníts to Live By 13. The Drummer

Don Lennon, Amanda Field, Angela Chambers, Jason Benjamin, Leyna Marika Papach, Grant Sidney, Jeff Norcross and Peter Linnane

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