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ROUTINE (2005)
1. What SNL Stands For 2. Best Years Of Our Lives 3. The Trust Fund
4. He Created A Monster  5. Last Comic Standing (video) 6. My Routine
7. My Resume 8. Junior Year Abroad 9. Northampton 10. The Death Of My Imagination

“’Routine’ is singer/songwriter Don Lennon’s fourth LP. I’ve always loved how Lennon cuts against pop culture’s grain. Like many performers, Lennon confesses details about his private life. But unlike many others who spill the beans, he’s not shrill or self indulgent about telling his story. In [the song] “Last Comic Standing,” he even sings about his reactions to a television memorial for the late John Ritter. This is just the sort of off-beat reference to expect from Lennon’s exceedingly creative blend of pop music and personal life. Lennon’s a clever, understated conversationalist who gives us a wry account of his likes and dislikes, obsessions and aversions. It helps that he has a great ear for a pop hook and a light but sure hand with a melody.”
                                                                       -John Brady, NPR on Routine

The CD costs $14 (includes shipping). MP3s can be downloaded for $10. Buy using paypal or send a check or money order, payable to Martin Philip, PO Box 1164, New York, NY 10021. Or visit one of these fine retailers...

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