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RADICAL (2006)
1. The Song That We Are About To Make 2. A Secret Band 3. Our Bodies
4. Hazing 5. Young People Need Guidance 6. African Dance Class 7. Who Are We? 8. Night Jog 9. Why We Masturbate 10. What's American? 11. The Blues 12. Where Is The New Adventure? 13. God 14. Song For Caveh Zahedi

“I'm utterly convinced Don Lennon has a sizeable fan base waiting to discover him; they just don't know it yet. Imagine Mark Eitzel's gallows jocularity mixed with some Jonathan Richman offhand quirk and Smiths-like jangle. Then picture albums carefully built around loose themes of inward/outward examination bouncing off perfect pop-culture signposts.”

“Don Lennon's fifth album, Radical, continues in the Lennon tradition of smart, inscrutable lyrics on topics both personal and universal, set to endlessly catchy melting-pot pop arrangements. Radical finds Lennon exploring body image, college students, filmmaker Caveh Zahedi, and the state of indie music in 2006. One of the most beguiling and unique songwriters around [...].“

The CD costs $14 (includes shipping). MP3s can be downloaded for $10. Buy using paypal or send a check or money order, payable to Martin Philip, PO Box 1164, New York, NY 10021. Or visit one of these fine retailers...

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