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MANIAC (1997)
1. Definition Of Love 2. Grad Student 3. Dance Music 4. Best Friends Forever
5. I Walk Right By 6. Talking To Girls 7. Party All The Time 8. Cool To Be Alone
9. Party Coordinator 10. Party In September 11. Get Moving 12. I Need Friends
13. Take Back The Night 14. Turn The Living Room Into A Dance Floor

“Where did he come from, what’s his history? I don’t know but I can tell you
it’s an album worth having. The unassuming fellow staring back from the understated cover exhibits nostalgia for the loungy British music hall swing
of certain `80s new wavers: Imagine the Smiths without the jangle or the pretense. Like fellow beantowner Jonathan Richman, Lennon has a sensitive charm expressed in his lonely observations and longings. Blessed with irrepressible hum-ability and wonderful simplicity (11 of the 14 tracks clock in under three minutes), these easy listening tunes insulate themselves quicker than a small con on an out-of-town mark. It’s hard to heap enough praise on
this album. Pick it up and listen to ‘Definition of Love’, ‘Best Friends Forever’,
or ‘Talking to Girls’ and I bet you’ll love it.”
                                     -Chris Parker, Big Takeover Magazine on Maniac

The CD costs $14 (includes shipping). MP3s can be downloaded for $10. Buy using paypal or send a check or money order, payable to Martin Philip, PO Box 1164, New York, NY 10021. Or visit one of these fine retailers...

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