October 3, 2006

Gary Knight has been making his unique movies since the early 90s.
is proud to host a series of his most recent shorts, made with an outdated digital camera given to him by a friend.  Listen to an introduction by Don Lennon.


January 28, 2007
When asked for a brief explanation of the inaugural three movies, Gary offered a three-word response: "Use your imagination."

Spider Man (1:51)                    Marble Madness (2:55)            Two Poems from the
                                                                                                  Japanese (1:19)

August 15, 2007
Gary and Don contemplate a unique cultural institution in this three part series.

BMG 1 (1:21)                            BMG 2 (1:24)                            BMG 3 (1:36)

February 11, 2008
Gary and Don go exploring.
Coming soon!


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