don lennon | downtown
1. Really Dave Matthews 2. John Sex 3. Matthews Comes Alive 4. Lenny Kravitz And Lisbon 5. The Boston Music Scene 6. Gay Fun 7. Jean-Michel
8. Mekons Come To Town 9. The Night Kramer Met Ann 10. John Cale

“They’re alright these new fangled pop stars, if you like shouting, but let’s face it, most of them couldn’t string a sentence together. Which explains why it’s very easy to become evangelical about Boston’s Don Lennon. ‘Downtown’,
his third album, finds him roving far and wide, not to mention pithy and funny, through such varied subjects as the moral implications of pretending to like the Dave Matthews Band, gay nightlife and irritating foreign exchange students. What’s more, Lennon drops such wisdom atop a spring-loaded indie-guitar sound that could hold its own against The Go Betweens, Belle & Sebastian and early Smiths, in 30 minutes and 44 seconds of understated genius.”
                                                                -Tony Naylor, NME on Downtown

The CD costs $14 (includes shipping). MP3s can be downloaded for $10. Buy using paypal or send a check or money order, payable to Martin Philip, PO Box 1164, New York, NY 10021. Or visit one of these fine retailers...

Downtown - Don Lennon Downtown - Don Lennon Downtown - Don Lennon Downtown - Don Lennon from rhapsody

And be sure to check out Don’s other albums: Maniac, Don Lennon, Routine, Radical, and Nick and Mary—all available at

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