don lennon | ich heisse don
1. Definition of Love 2. Dance Music 3. Party All The Time 4. My Debut
Album 5. Double Dong 6. Get To Know My Neighbors 7. Really Dave
Matthews 8. Gay Fun 9. Matthews Comes Alive 10. My Resume
11. Last Comic Standing 12. He Created A Monster 13. The Death
Of My Imagination

Who can we turn to? Who can we blame?
Front men go solo. They change their name.
They do an album. Its not their best.
Backed by a tour of the whole Midwest.
And they feel the need to make a note of everything.
And to make a song of it. And to get on stage.
And to play guitar. And they feel the need to sing.
                                              - excerpt from "The Need to Sing"

Coinciding with Lennon's month-long tour of Australia, Popfrenzy
Records released Ich Heie Don, a 13-track collection of songs
culled from his first four CDsthe perfect way to get to know Don!

The CD is available from Popfrenzy. MP3s can be downloaded
here at for $10. Buy using paypal or send a check
payable to Martin Philip, PO Box 1164, New York, NY 10021.

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